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People should read

I was going through my email, reading everything I let pile up over the year and I found a message from fanfiction.net. This is not unusual, and nor was the fact that it was a review and I opened it up.

This was the review
From: tooo maaannny mary sueessss ()

Not a Review.

There are too many Mary Sue Stories.  We need more stories where Tolkiens
characters are the stars instead of original characters.


The story in questions, "Summer Bugs" has two characters, Frodo and Bilbo. Both in typical FrodoHealer roles. For a moment I didn't really understand, and then I decided that since TMMS meant that this was not intended towards the story or me in any way, but was simply using this so-called review as a message to communicate with me.

I dislike mary - sues and badly written stories just as much as the next person, but I don't understand why someone with a goal would comment in a way that makes it impossible for anyone to contact them or help them achieve their goals.

For anyone interested here is the link to the story in question


Used Book Sale

I really love my school. Today from Period 3 to 9 there was a Used Book Sale. It was raising money for the Literary Journal, a yearly school publication of which I am a part of. I wasn't expecting the book sale to be nearly as awesome as it was.


The sale is two days long, it started today and will continue tomorrow with new material! I can't wait, literary. I'm bouncing off the walls and begging my Maths teacher to let my skip out of his class. I have Maths period three and I'd much rather be at the book sale before all the good ones disappear.


By the time I got to the sale at the beginning of my lunch, around 12:30, there was probably about four to six hundred books left. I bought nine and then left to eat my lunch. The nine books cost me three dollars and because I couldn't carry all of them, the students running the sale gave me a box lid to carry the books in.


At 12:45 with ten minutes left of my lunch, one of my best friends asked me to go to the book sale with her. I still hadn't been to my locker and was lugging around a box lid full of books. When we got back to the book sale I ended up buying another nine books for three dollars. And all of the books I bought were ones I either like the author, have been meaning to read or pick up my own copy.


There were two grade Twelve Students who stayed at the sale throughout all of junior lunch. A few of my friends who were working at the sale asked me to buy things, but they didn't expect me to purchase as much as I did. One of them joked that between me and the two twelvers, we could support the entire literary journal.


I definitely had a lot of fun. The worst part was carrying the eighteen books back to my locker and stashing them all away as I rushed to get to Chemistry on time. I ended up being late and when I opened my locker after school, all of the books fell off the little shelf at the top of my locker and I scrambled around on the floor, trying to prevent them from getting any more damaged then they already were.


I can't wait for the second sale!


Personal Challenge - Bad

The eighth story - Bad

Personal Challenge - Good

The seventh story - Good

Personal Challenge - Sad

The sixth story - Sad

Author's Note: This story is a continuation of the previous story - Happy.

Personal Challenge - Happy

The fifth story - Happy

Personal Challenge- Re-starting

The fourth story - Re-starting


Re-startingCollapse )

Personal Challenge - Ends

The third story - Ends


EndsCollapse )

Personal Challenge - Middles

The second story - Middles

Disclaimer: JKR owns eveything, I don't own Harry Potter and I don't make any money either!


MiddlesCollapse )

Personal Challenge - Beginnings

The first story - Beginnings
Length - 550
Disclaimer: JKR owns Harry Potter, I do not. I also don't make any money from writing fan fiction.



BeginningsCollapse )